Corns & Calluses

Calluses are thick, hardened skin that has developed due to pressure and friction. They mainly occur in high impact areas such as our feet, toes and heel. Calluses are rarely painful, however if left unattended, or if you have diabetes, they can result in much more complex issues.

Corns, similar to calluses, are thick hardened skin lesions, however they have a small centre of condensed skin which is usually very painful. They also occur in areas of high pressure and are sometimes hidden under calluses, making it hard to self-diagnose and recognise.

Treatment Options

  1. Debridement of calluses and enucleation of corns
    Your podiatrist will use a surgical scalpel blade to carefully remove the hardened layers of the callus, leaving soft, supple, healthy skin underneath.

    Corns will be enucleated and cut out, resulting in an instant relief of pain and pressure.

  2. Deflection of pressures with accommodative devices
    Your podiatrist may also offer you an accommodative orthotic designed to offload and redistribute the pressures causing the corn or callus in the form of an orthotic. This is more suitable for patients who have to stand, walk or move about for long periods throughout the day.

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